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The Mazda BT-50. The soul of Kodo - on road and off.

Conquer your world this month from only R457,300.

Mazda BT-50 New Vehicle Offers

Mazda BT-50 DBL 3.2L 6AT 4X4 SLE

From 592800

Mazda BT-50 DBL 2.2L 6AT 4X2 SLE W/LRD

From 530900

Mazda BT-50 DBL 2.2L 6MT 4X2 SLE W/LRD

From 509500

Mazda BT-50 DBL 2.2L 6MT 4X2 SLX W/LRD

From 471100

Mazda BT-50 DBL 3.2L 6MT 4X4 SLE

From 577900

Oceans of interior space to match the BT-50's exterior versatility

Power on the outside. Refinement on the inside.

Your family room and office on wheels. The Mazda BT-50 interior surrounds you with an enriching feel. Valuable driver technology like cruise control, trip computer and and wireless connectivity brings your office to the road. The BT-50 interior is comparable to that of a sedan so take the scenic route everyday in the BT-50.

Room to move

While BT-50 boasts a generous cargo box in the back, you’ll be surprised how much smart storage can be found around the cabin too. Tuck your gear away in the split-level centre console space, or the sizeable glovebox that swallows a 16-inch laptop. Drinks and sunnies have their own dedicated spaces, keeping them within grabbing reach on every trip.