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The Mazda BT-50. Pick-up the pace in and out of town.

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Mazda BT-50 New Vehicle Offers

Mazda BT-50 DBL 3.2L 6AT 4X4 SLE

From 569700

Save 509700

Mazda BT-50 DBL 2.2L 6AT 4X2 SLE W/LRD

From 510200

Save 450200

Mazda BT-50 DBL 2.2L 6MT 4X2 SLE W/LRD

From 489700

Save 429700

Mazda BT-50 DBL 2.2L 6MT 4X2 SLX W/LRD

From 452800

Save 392800

Mazda BT-50 DBL 3.2L 6MT 4X4 SLE

From 495400

The Mazda BT-50 turns the mundane into mountains.
It's up to you to make it happen.

Your Mazda BT-50 is taken care of. All you need are the keys.

The Mazda BT-50 comes with a standard 3 year/unlimited km service plan, backed by a 5 year/unlimited km corrosion warranty, making the BT-50 the only double cab you'll ever need.

Fun on the flats. Conquest the climbs.

Looks are only the start when it comes to the Mazda BT-50's features. The exterior majesty answers any questions about its looks and its performance is as easy off the road as it is on it. Strong lines match solid capabilities and makes its presence felt. Forward motion is accentuated by the slightly sloping angle towards the front – striking the perfect balance between strong and sleek.