Mazda’s Rotary Power

Posted: September 13, 2017

Did you know, that 50 years ago, Mazda released its rotary-powered Mazda Cosmo Sport. After 5 decades, this sleek and sexy two-seater still lives up to its legacy. Not only is this a hot ride, it’s also an adventure on wheels and a motorsport success.

The Cosmo Sport is powered by idiosyncratic technology. The Cosmo Sport was the world’s first car to be powered by a twin-rotor engine, and was Mazda’s first sports car. Elements of the car’s design have been kept through the ages and can be seen in cars like the Mazda RX-7 and MX-5. This car was a milestone for Mazda, a whole new reach. It allowed Mazda to branch out from trucks and small cars. The Mazda Cosmo Sport rebranded Mazda in 1967.

The Mazda Power plant, after 50 years, has kept to its tradition and free spirit. Mazda has overcome numerous challenges to make the engine feasible.

Mazda acquired the rotary’s potential to deliver high performance and would go on to build 2 million more rotary vehicles. In 1991, the 787B 2.6l four-rotor power plant won the 24 hours Le Mans. It was the only non-reciprocating engine ever to win the race. It was also the first win by an Asian brand.

Mazda has kept to tradition over the years whilst at the same time pushing boundaries with new and innovative technology such as the SKYACTIV technology. Mazda is continuously evolving, but never straying too far from the Mazda brand that is so well-loved.